SMASH is a fresh clothing and accessories brand entirely handmade from quality materials, providing comfort in daily life and unique style. Behind the brand stand artists and creative individual with a vision. SMASH designs are bold, colourful, simple with lots of little details, original, trendy and with the ability to turn heads. Every piece has the perfect balance between freedom, luxury and setting a fashion statement. Be you! BESMASHABLE!



ASIAN CHAMELEON was inspired by the Asian culture in search for the balance between femininity and masculinity in other words the collection is the missing link between the Geisha and Samurai style. The triangle shape is present in all of the designs which give structure and minimalistic feel to the selection, the silk satin adds softness and movement to the otherwise sharp tailoring, and the saturated colours are the last piece of the puzzle that makes the garments come alive bringing that exotic vibe. Just like a chameleon, every piece styled differently can be worn from day to night on different occasions and places, making the item of clothing multifunctional fashion declaration and a must have.

ASIAN CHAMELEON is so far our most luxurious and bold creation.

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